Xploro has teamed up with Leo Cancer Care, which provides solutions to deliver radiation therapy to patients in an upright position. In doing so, we are cementing links developed in the last three years because of our companies’ common goals of improving patient experience.

Xploro’s CEO Dom, whose daughter was treated with Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) in Jacksonville, Florida, when she was 13, said: “I was blown away by what Leo Cancer Care does with the idea of patients being treated in the upright rather than supine position, but also the beautifully simple idea of rotating the patient rather than the technology.”

“Stephen also loved what we were doing with Xploro so we started talking about how we might work together. We have since built models of Leo equipment into Xploro to explain what is going to happen from a child’s perspective.”

Several PBT centres globally are already placing orders for Leo’s upright technology as it delivers treatment accurately, in a patient-friendly way, and takes up a significantly smaller footprint than rotating gantries.


Xploro’s goal is to reduce anxiety prior to a treatment by showing a child exactly what is going to happen stage by stage in a fun, playful and interactive way. With the Xploro app, a child creates and customises a 3D avatar to guide them through their healthcare journey and it introduces them to things like proton gantries and other pieces of equipment.

In the new storybook and environment, the child’s avatar will use the Leo PBT equipment and explain how it works, this will familiarise the patient with it and help demystify the experience.

Expert Advisory Board

Both Xploro and Leo, have an Advisory Board, however Xploro’s Expert members are all aged 7-16 which helps us get a view from a relevant patient perspective.

Stephen attended one such meeting when we discussed PBT, both from a conventional gantry delivery and the Leo solution perspective.

“It was such a fantastic experience to meet the Xploro team and sit in on the Expert Advisory Board to hear the children’s perspectives,” said Stephen.

“There are so many similarities in our goals and we look forward to working more closely with Xploro in the coming months on our exhibition stands and delivery of PBT from a paediatric perspective.”

Dom added: “I have met a lot of healthcare companies but very few that have excited me in the way that Leo Cancer Care does; I love the simplicity of the idea and approach that they are taking.”

“I think it is great that they have such a patient-centred approach, which fits neatly with ours, so it is a very comfortable, natural relationship. We are a good fit for each other.”