Reducing procedural anxiety with Xploro

Meet your ‘Xploro Buddy’ as Jenine, one of the founding members of our North American Expert Advisory Board, takes you on a tour of Xploro.

Meet your ‘Xploro buddy’

Find out how we’re reducing procedural anxiety for young patients in this short tour of some of Xploro’s key features.

Jenine and her cousin Jad made this video tour for us. They coined the term ‘Xploro Buddy’ for our avatar guide and we love it – so much so that from now on we’re all talking about ‘Xploro Buddies’ rather than boring old avatars!

As Jenine explains at the end of the video, it was Jad’s Osteosarcoma diagnosis that led them both to Xploro. Now they’re helping us make Xploro better for children around the world by becoming founding members of the North American branch of our Expert Advisory Board.

If you’re excited by what you’ve seen in Jenine and Jad’s tour and would like to see more then please get in touch using the link below.

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Until we saw him with Xploro we didn’t realize that there was still so much curiosity and anxiety about what’s happening in his body. The very next day, in his fourth round of chemo, he shared with his nurse that he finally gets what this medicine is doing to his body (thanks to a game he played on Xploro the night before). It was amazing. For the first time in months there was a lightness about him.

Parent of 12 year old boy undergoing treatment for Osteosarcoma