Xploro avatar having proton beam therapy

Proton beam therapy, LINAC, mask making and CT with contrast are all explained in Xploro’s radiation therapy module. Interactive experiences, games and 3D environments combine to help reduce procedural anxiety, improve procedural efficiency and increase patient satisfaction.

Xploro’s chatbot supports the visual content with the ability to answer specialist questions about radiation therapy.

The module was originally developed in collaboration with the team at The Christie NHS Trust in the UK. Further content has been developed in collaboration with Leo Cancer Care and Hitachi Europe.

In the years that I have been visiting radiation oncology departments, the hardest thing I have ever witnessed is a young child walking alone to the treatment room for proton therapy. All too often people underestimate the importance of reducing anxiety around the treatment process but that is where Xploro really comes in. Xploro creates an immersive environment to really prepare paediatric patients for their treatment process – reducing anxiety for the patient and for their parents.

Stephen Towe, Chief Executive Officer, Leo Cancer Care

Proton therapy, mask making and LINAC storybooks

In each storybook the ‘Xploro Buddy’ guides the patient through what will happen and what it will feel like when they have radiation therapy.

The Proton Beam Therapy storybook shows the patient a first person view of the nozzle up close and they can hear the sounds the gantry makes as it moves.

In our LINAC storybook the patient can see how laser lights are used for positioning and see the LINAC as it rotates.

The mask making storybook takes the patient through every stage of the mask making and fitting process. They learn what it feels like as the warm thermoplastic mask hardens by watching as their Xploro Buddy has a mask made for them and in doing so realise there’s nothing to worry about.

Xploro avatar having radaition therapy in a Linear Accelerator

Treatment rooms

The radiation therapy module includes 3D augmented reality treatment rooms for Varian, Leo Cancer Care and Hitachi proton therapy solutions. Users can explore these rooms and see staff members at work giving them an idea of what to expect when they go for treatment.

Varian proton therapy treatment room

Proton Power game

Xploro’s Proton Power game introduces players to the concept of targeted radiation that destroys cancer cells and preserves healthy tissue.

The player charges the Proton Beam and rotates it to find a clear path to the tumor. Once they’re in position the take fire and hit the target with a proton zap! They have to be careful though – If they over-charge the beam it won’t fire.

Proton Power game where the player fires a proton beam at a tumor

Radiotherapy mask making

Xploro’s mask making experience supports the proton therapy content for patients undergoing head, neck or brain treatment. It helps prepare children for what can be an unpleasant part of proton therapy.

The child learns what it feels like as the warm thermoplastic mask hardens by watching as their avatar friend has a mask made for them and in doing so realise there’s nothing to worry about.

Support for multiple systems

The radiation therapy module allows you to select content that matches the hardware installed at your facility. Currently we support Varian, Leo Cancer Care’s innovative upright solution and Hitachi with more coming soon.

Xploro avatar explains upright proton therapy using Leo Cancer Care's solution



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