image of Xploro's MRI storybook

Xploro’s Radiology suite introduces pediatric patients to the most commonly used diagnostic and treatment procedures in the discipline. The child watches as their avatar friend experiences each procedure and explains what happens and how it feels. The experiences are interactive and supported by the Xploro chatbot knowledge base. And what’s more, they are all available to play in augmented reality.


The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) experience explodes an image of the equipment so the child can examine its major parts. Components such as the magnets, the radio frequency coil and the patient table are explained with a simple tap on the screen while the child has the option to investigate the 3D model by rotating it and zooming in.

On the table next to the MRI they’ll find head and body coils, and in the corner of the room is the control room where the radiographers work during the procedure.

To add a further level of detail the patient will hear what an MRI sounds like and can see an example image on the radiographers’ screen


The Computerized Tomography (CT) experience allows the Xploro user to watch as their avatar friend is scanned, all the while taking them through the steps involved and explaining the various aspects of the equipment and procedure.

They meet a radiographer, find out what a contrast medium does and get to see what the team sees on their screens in the control room.

Xploro also offers an option with a radiotherapy mask and vac bag which can be used when CT forms part of a treatment plan.


With a detailed, moving model of an x-ray machine it’s easy for a child to familiarize themselves with the procedure beforehand.

Xploro’s x-ray experience explains to patients how x-rays work and offers them an example image to examine. Their avatar friend undergoes an x-ray scan showing examples of both standing and lying down, and talks them through the steps.

They’ll also learn what happens to images after an x-ray and even where their parent or caregiver will be while it’s happening.

Xploro’s Bendy Bones game is another fun way Xploro introduces young children to x-rays and for every level they complete, they learn a new fact about bones.


The Xploro ultrasound experience places the child’s avatar in the sonographer’s room and shows what happens during a scan.

It explains the equipment and what the probe and transmission gel feels like against the skin. It explains how the ultrasound uses soundwaves and reveals an image of the result.


Xploro’s staff avatars include a radiographer and radiologist which the user can customize to look just like the team they meet in the hospital if they choose.