Helping kids with cancer is where Xploro started and so it’s only right we included oncology solutions in the app.


Content includes:

CT scan with contrast, IV and port access; recovery and operating rooms; palliative care nurse and physician, hematologist and oncologist avatars, plus a Macmillan nurse in the UK; Plasma Patrol game and additional specialist knowledge in the chatbot.

A cancer diagnosis is distressing for anyone but for children this can be compounded by a lack of age appropriate information about what it feels like, what will happen during treatment, and how to cope with the stress of a potentially life changing situation.

Storybooks and hospital rooms

Xploro explains some of the procedures most commonly associated with oncology and cancer treatment. Young patients watch as their avatar friend experiences a CT scan and explains what a contrast is for. They can learn about IV administration and port access, as well as looking around typical operating and recovery rooms.


Xploro’s oncology module includes additional staff members such as palliative care clinicians, a hematologist and of course an oncologist.


Our patent-pending chatbot is enhanced with hundreds of responses specifically addressing questions children might have about cancer. They include information about chemotherapy and radiotherapy, different types of cancer, their symptoms and what it feels like.