Xploro’s proton beam therapy content offers young patients a sound understanding of how this innovative technology works and what to expect from the treatment.

We work with manufacturers to model and present the equipment in detail and include the sounds and movements a child can expect to see and hear.

Xploro’s chatbot supports the visual content and there’s also a game to introduce kids to the concepts behind the treatment.

Proton therapy gantry

Xploro’s interactive proton therapy experience puts the child’s avatar friend at the heart of a proton treatment program. They watch as the patient bed moves their avatar into place and the gantry moves around them, even offering a first person view of what it looks and sounds like.

The avatar introduces the radiographer who administers the treatment and takes them through every step of the process in a friendly, confident way.

The child taps on interactive elements of the experience to find out more about the equipment and can investigate the radiotherapy masks and vac-bags which might be used.

Hospital rooms

Xploro includes a waiting room, play room and proton gantry in its proton therapy suite. Users can explore these rooms and see staff members at work giving them an idea of what to expect when they go for treatment and an appreciation of the scale of the equipment hospitals use.

Proton Power

Xploro’s Proton Power game introduces players to the concept of proton therapy in an abstract way which is both fun and engaging. They power up the machine and find the best places to take out the target with a proton zap!


Xploro works closely with Varian, Hitachi and Leo Cancer Care to offer different models of proton gantry to suit your hospital.

Radiotherapy mask making

Xploro’s mask making experience supports the proton therapy content for patients undergoing head, neck or brain treatment. It helps prepare children for what can be an unpleasant part of proton therapy.

The child learns what it feels like as the warm thermoplastic mask hardens by watching as their avatar friend has a mask made for them and in doing so realise there’s nothing to worry about.