Boomerang Ventures, a leading combination venture capital and studio firm, has announced a strategic investment in Xploro Inc. Boomerang Ventures led the $1.7M Series Seed round investment, in a demonstration of its commitment to fostering innovation in the connected health technologies sector.

Essential support

Boomerang Ventures’ investment in Xploro provides essential support for our mission to empower young patients with the knowledge they need, addressing a widespread gap in pediatric healthcare. With their backing, we can further develop Xploro’s technology platform and expand our reach among healthcare partners, ensuring that children and their families receive the support and information they deserve.


Oscar Moralez, Founder & Managing Partner, Boomerang Ventures said of Xploro: “We were truly impressed by Xploro’s EdTech platform and its profound impact on educating and alleviating anxiety for pediatric patients. Boomerang Ventures values the clinically validated Xploro technology and recognizes its potential to transcend age boundaries, revolutionizing medical education and understanding. We are deeply empathetic to Xploro’s mission-driven approach. Xploro’s relocation to the Midwest U.S. underscores the region’s thriving healthcare and entrepreneurial ecosystem, further strengthening our strategic support of this innovative company.”

Future Growth and Development

The investment from Boomerang Ventures will enable Xploro to develop content for new treatment areas, bolster its sales and customer success functions, and extend its runway through 2025. The vision is to expand Xploro’s platform to encompass a broader range of health conditions and incorporate third-party content creators.