What do you do at Xploro?

My role is to help Xploro grow. I’m primarily responsible for creating new business opportunities, managing prospective and existing customers, ensuring their success, and everything that comes In between. I also help build and manage our brand.

What does a typical day look like for you?

My day typically starts with some exercise, a shower, breakfast and a BIG cup of coffee. Once I’m no longer a zombie, I hop on our dally stand-up to see all the beautiful faces that make up our team, then I get to it. Check emails, do follow-ups, generate leads, prospect, review user activity, have touchpoints with customers, look for growth opportunities, and have internal meetings to discuss sales and marketing activity or get updates on development work. In between all of this, there are a few random tasks that always manage to come up.

What was your background before Xploro? Why pursue this career?

Background is a bit colorful. I got a BS in Exercise Science & Physiology, then went on to teach English abroad. After, I got introduced to sales for a video games start-up. A year later, I went into healthcare, at first on the patient-facing side of things then on the supply chain management end. After a couple of years, I decided to pursue an MBA abroad and upon finishing the program, I got back into sales, this time for another, larger video games company. Then I found Xploro. Or maybe Xploro found me?

As my background suggests, I was never exactly sure of what I wanted to do but I did know that I wanted to work in healthcare; something about hospitals, the smell, the noise, the feeling, always intrigued me. Also, I’ve always loved video games. Looking to combine both with my ability to sell things, ideas, emotions, made this a natural career path to pursue.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

The work culture is unparalleled, my team members are family, the leadership is empathetic, effective and inspiring, and the product — I love it. At the end of the day, the way I see it is that my job is to help children, who are experiencing some of the toughest moments of their lives, feel better with the power of video games. If you would’ve told me when I was younger that doing this for a living would be an option, I wouldn’t believe you.

Tell us one of your goals?

1. Help Xploro reach 1 million active users.

2. Own my dream home in both NYC and Spain

Team Xploro

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