Simple and engaging

Keeping track of appointments is important to patients of any age, but so is knowing when your pals are visiting and when the dog’s birthday is. That’s why we built the Xploro calendar.

Its simple functionality and vibrant design makes it engaging for kids and encourages them to take an interest in their own healthcare schedules.

Parents or caregivers can also add reminders from the parent portal while the patient’s medical team can include important appointment dates.

How are you feeling today?

Xploro’s calendar prompts children to make an entry in a daily mood diary in the form of emojis. They might be feeling relieved, tired, nervous or cranky and they can keep a record of this alongside their appointments. Xploro aggregates this information and shares it with the medical team who can glean important insights about how children respond emotionally to specific procedures. Xploro can also send this kind of self reported mood data directly to the patients’ electronic health records.


Access to the calendar is strictly managed to protect patients’ privacy. While their healthcare team can add appointments and medical reminders, only the user and their parent or caregiver can see other entries which might be more personal.