image of xploro's chatbot

Designed for children

Xploro’s chatbot is designed especially for kids. Its unique spellchecker uses synthetic phonics to understand the way children sometimes misspell words and then delivers the most appropriate answer every time. Its knowledge base covers a broad range of questions about the hospital experience, biology and physiology, diagnosis and treatment, and expectations and feelings. From what is a vaccine to does a bone marrow transplant hurt, the Xploro chatbot answers children’s questions in a straightforward and age appropriate way.


Being honest with children is important however there are questions we believe need the human touch. If a child asks about a sensitive topic, for example about a life-changing procedure, the chatbot will suggest they have that discussion with a grownup.


As with the rest of the app, the Xploro chatbot is available in British and American English, as well as European and Latin American Spanish. We’re currently working on introducing other widely spoken languages to the platform.

Read Aloud

We want Xploro to be available to as many children as possible. That’s why we’ve included the Read Aloud function to help kids who struggle with reading or who might have impaired eyesight. We use the latest technology to provide the chatbot with friendly, synthesized child voices which patients can switch on with a simple touch of a button.

Bespoke content

Xploro will customize the chatbot’s knowledge base to suit you. We can have it answer specific questions about your healthcare organization, and your specialities or particular conditions. We’ll work with you to ensure your patients have access to accurate, relevant information via the chatbot.

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