Image of Plasma Patrol – a game about blood cancers

'Plasma Patrol' is a game about blood cancers

Engaging and fun

Xploro’s games introduce young patients to treatments, biological and physiological concepts in a more abstract way, all the while having lots of fun.

The very nature of the games means they engage kids from the outset, and our multiplayer features means they can easily connect with friends and family.

By using gamification and rewards systems Xploro also allows clinicians to capture patient-reported outcomes which are important for continuous clinical improvement.

Heart Race

Fly along the wave of an on-screen heartbeat collecting goodies while staying within the lines. Heart Race introduces children to the Patient Monitor in this fun game they can play against their friends.

Plasma Patrol

Travel through the bloodstream collecting vitamins, platelets and lymphocytes, while destroying cancer cells and avoiding pathogens and fat cells. Plasma Patrol highlights to kids some of the components of blood and introduces them to chemotherapy.

Bendy Bones

Join matching colored boxes together with a bendy bone and reveal a fascinating fact about the skeletons of humans and animals.

Proton Power

Based on the concept of proton beam therapy, this game illustrates how precise targeting of a high powered beam is important to reach your goal. Proton Power is fun, challenging and keeps kids coming back for more.

Stitch and Slide

Connect the matching colored pegs and join the ice sheets together in this game that teaches children about stitches, scars and wounds.

Bespoke games

Let Xploro build a game for you. We’re experts at designing and building games that children love.

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