Xploro is dedicated to building a health information platform for any patient, of any age, with any condition, anywhere in the world. That’s why we’re always investing in new content which reflects cultural and language differences around the world.

From storybook experiences and the Xploro chatbot, to avatar clothes and names, we believe in making our platform as inclusive as possible.


We began with our English-language version — both American and British — and quickly introduced Spanish which is available in European or Latin dialects. We’re currently working on introducing other widely spoken languages to the platform.


Our work with World Child Cancer led us to develop a local version in Chichewa for children in the low income, south-east African country of Malawi where we offer Xploro free of charge. We also worked with the children there to include local names.


Xploro’s avatar customizer includes a diverse range of skin tones and eye shapes, facial features and clothing options such as a durag, a hijab and a Santa hat!

Bespoke options

At Xploro we’re adept at building new content so let us know if you want us to design something for your corner of the world.

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