Your whole workforce

Xploro’s staff avatars are as diverse as any healthcare organization’s workforce. From support staff to surgical teams, oncologists to healthcare assistants, you’ll find them all in there.

Job role

Staff avatars each have a short explanation of their job role so if the child wants to know what a phlebotomist does or how a chaplain helps, they can easily find out.


Staff avatars are fully customizable so kids can make them look just like their own healthcare providers. They can even change the avatars’ names to match which helps them engage more with their team.


Staff avatars show up throughout the app. The radiology tech in the staff carousel will also appear in the MRI experience while the nurse will be there in the IV experience.

Bespoke team members

Xploro will model staff avatars on your team. From job titles and descriptions, down to your organization’s uniform.

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