3D model of Hospital ward in Cameroon

Hospital ward in Cameroon

3D model of MRI department at Comer Children's Hospital

An MRI room at Comer Children's Hospital

3D model of the sleep studies department at Evelina Children's Hospital

The sleep studies department at Evelina Children's Hospital

3D model of hospital environment seen in the real world using augmented reality

View environments in the real world

Demystifying healthcare environments

Healthcare facilities can be enormous and are often confusing for patients. That’s why Xploro includes some of the most commonly found hospital rooms and healthcare environments in the app. By exploring places like the operating room, blood test unit or even a waiting area, Xploro helps to demystify the healthcare experience and reduce stress levels.


Children can touch key items in the environments to find out more about them. From an anesthesia machine to a whiteboard where the medical team keeps notes, their orange glow indicates there’s more to see with just a quick tap.


Each environment is populated with the staff you’d expect to find there. Nurses, receptionists, surgeons and anesthesiologists can be found getting on with their jobs and a quick tap reveals information about them.

Bespoke rooms

Xploro will model rooms at your organization so your patients can see precisely what they look like before they see them for real. These custom environments are a one time cost that we quote separately based on complexity, and then they remain available at no additional recurring cost while you maintain an Xploro subscription.Get in touch for a quote.

Get in touch for a quote.