Avatar guide

At the heart of Xploro, is the avatar guide. It’s the face of the chatbot, it’s there in the games, and you’ll find it in hospital rooms and each of the storybooks carefully explaining how procedures work and what patients can expect. The avatar is fully customizable and quickly becomes the patient’s trusted friend.


The avatar guide is the first interaction a child has when they launch Xploro. It starts life as a yellow character with no indication of age, gender or race, which the user then customizes and names. They pick skin tone, hair style, eyes, nose and mouth, and then give it an outfit. In doing so, the child brings it to life and their avatar becomes a friend and ally.

What’s in a name?

Once the child has customized their avatar, it’s time to give it a name. And there are thousands to choose from. From Poppy Pumblechook to Timmy Okeke, Xploro’s names are fun, memorable and include options from around the world.


It’s important for children to feel represented in Xploro so, if they choose, they can make their avatar look like themselves. That includes culturally representative clothing choices, a broad range of facial features and skin tones, and the option to make their avatar bald, or use a wheelchair or have a face mask. Of course they might decide their avatar should have blue skin and a panda head — but that’s their call.

Bespoke avatars

Xploro can supply localized avatar content, from a raft of names and outfits specific to your geographic region, to additional accessories and costumes. Got an idea? Let us know.

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